If you haven't already discovered skin serums, this will be a two-in-one lesson about great skincare products. Anti-aging serums are packed with antioxidants that help increase your skin cell turnover. With peptides and collagen-boosting ingredients, serums help combat the signs of aging by increasing your skin's firmness and elasticity.

Ideally, you want to apply serum in an upward motion, so it can help your skin battle gravity. At the same time, you want to stimulate the skin, which encourages dead cells to be replaced by fresh ones. Dermaclara's claratone is designed to push the active ingredients of your anti-aging serum deep into your skin. This stimulation allows for optimal absorption, which means better overall results.


Injection: Botox

Helps By:

  • Reducing Wrinkles

  • Boosts Collagen

  • Maximizes Serum Use