Vermilion Essentials Kit



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Get fuller, naturally sexy lips with AngelLifts Vermilion Essential kit. Enhance the volume in your lips using simple pressure. Forget the duck lips look and get natural-looking volume without chemicals and irritants. Make Vermilion a part of your daily routine for longer-lasting results.

What it is

The ultimate in natural lip enhancement.  Enhance the volume in your lips using simple pressure with our Vermilion strips. This kit includes our revitalizing DermaSome Collagen moisturizer. This moisturizer contains hydrating elements and natural collagen extracts that promote better absorption for more hydrated, firm and resilient skin you’ll love. Use DermaSome Collagen in conjunction with Vermilion strips for a natural lift for your lips and skin.

What it Does

Vermillion Strips

Collagen regenerating technology that gives you naturally fuller-looking lips—no office visit required.

DermaSome Collagen


A fast-acting treatment with a topical filler-like effect plumps the skin's surface to minimize the look of lines and wrinkles after just one use. Formulated with high-potency suspension spheres that amplify a cocktail of concentrated ingredients, including collagen and elastin enhancing peptides. 

DermaLips Collagen Lip Serum

DermaLips Serum is made from a polypeptide complex including dehydrated, bioactive seaweed collagen microspheres and natural, plant-based phytoceramideamino peptides, which support your body's normal collagen production.

Solution for

Vermillion Strips

  • Thin lips 

  • Loss of firmness and elasticity

DermaSome Collagen

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Loss of firmness and elasticity

  • Dullness

  • Dryness

  • Signs of aging

Key Benefits

Vermillion Strips


  • Improve cellular function and inhibit new cell growth which in turn stimulates the production of collagen and elastic fibers needed to keep the skin firm and plump.

  • Creates naturally fuller-looking lips without injections or surgery. 

DermaSome Collagen Serum

  • Works to help boost skin’s visible firmness and minimize the look of lines and wrinkles while keeping skin plump and hydrated.

  • Help protect skin from damaging environmental stressors that lead to aging while helping skin maintain optimal levels of hydration.

  •  Smooths and softens the appearance of fine lines.

DermaLips Collagen Lip Serum

  • Improves lip texture providing a good base for lipstick/lip gloss.

  • Fills out lips and improves lip definition with long-lasting benefits.

  • Reinforces skin's barrier to prevent moisture loss and neutralizes free radicals. 

Kit Includes

  • (2) Vermillion Strips

  • (1) DermaSome Collagen Serum

  • (1) DermaLips Collagen Lip Serum

  • (1) Anodized, mirrored shaping case 

  • (1) Travel Tube

Suggested Usage


Vermillion Strips

Place only 1 Vermilion strip under either your upper or lower lip and as high as comfortable (along the gum line) for only a minute or two to check for discomfort. Once the lift is in place, close your mouth and relax your face. Do not talk, eat, drink or sleep while you are wearing your DermaStrips. If no irritation occurs, gradually increase your wear time to 30 minutes per day. You will begin to see a visible lip volume increase within 30 to 60 days of use. As you reach the volume you desire, reduce wear time to once per week (with a minimum wear time of 30 minutes) to maintain effect.

DermaSome Collagen Serum

Mix the suspension sphere contents in your hand, where natural body warmth will help blend serum and apply all over the face and neck. Use morning and night alone and/or under your makeup.

DermaLips Collagen Lip Serum

Apply directly to lips as needed. Use alone or before lip color to prime/after lip color for shine.

Angellift is a clinically proven facial lift technology and nutrient delivery system. Angellift is the first ‘under the skin’, over-the-counter facial lifting strips. By replacing the pressure lost through the natural recession of teeth and gums, aging lines around the mouth are lifted and lips are reshaped.