Smooth Beauty Eye Wrinkle Laser



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Achieve eye-opening results with the Tria SmoothBeauty Eye Wrinkle Laser. Featuring dermatologist-approved fractional laser technology, this safe and effective at-home tool works deep within the skin where collagen and elastin form to visibly treat lines and wrinkles. Skin is noticeably younger and more radiant in as little as two weeks.

What it is

An eye wrinkle laser device that holds the power of a professional laser treatment in a pint-sized package.

What it Does

Start rebuilding your collagen and see younger-looking skin around your eyes in as little as two weeks with this laser, which has been FDA-cleared to be safe and effective for use around your eye area. Clinically proven to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, this non-ablative fraction laser stimulates collagen production deep within the skin by sending targeted beams of light where collagen and elastin form. For best results, treat each eye area every night for eight weeks.

Solution for

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles

  • Crows feet 

  • Dullness

  • Puffiness

Key Benefits

  • Fixes eye wrinkles/lines in just two minutes each day

  • Harmless for all skin types  and tones

  • Promotes the development of elastin and collagen around the eye region

  • FDA okayed, scientifically proven, dermatologist suggested

Set includes


​Tria SmoothBeauty Eye Wrinkle Laser device, charging cord and power supply, Quick Start Guide, and instruction booklet.

Suggested Usage

  • Cleanse and wipe your skin dry around both eyes.

  • Glide gadget around every eye region for 1 minute.

  • Employ the Nourishing Eye Renewal Lotion post therapy to help calm skin.


Care and Safety

​During or right after the procedure, you may feel gentle discomfort such as prickling, stinging or itching. There may also be a heat sensation or warming identical to that triggered by sunburn. These feelings are normal and usually abate within minutes and diminish with continued use.

Tria Beauty specializes in professional light-based skin care treatments for at-home use. Known for its innovative Tria Laser hair removal tool, the complete Tria Beauty line includes an arsenal of anti-aging products and skin care tools.

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