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Angellift is a breakthrough in anti-aging treatments owned by an Italian facial implant company. The home company manufactures facial implants for facial nerve cases and asymmetrical cosmetic issues.


As described in previous press releases by the home company, the brand, Angellift, was launched to release an over-the-counter discovery.  During production and testing of a removable facial implant, measuring strips known as 'Previews' were generating attention among implant users. Soon, the measuring strips were tested and the determination was that the strips did create lasting improvement of aging lines by the use of simple pressure.


The brand's popular device nearly topped the charts in 2016 out-selling all invasive cosmetic procedures. Their sales grabbed the attention of many US television producers which landed this breakthrough technology on Ellen, EXTRA, Rachael Ray, The Doctors, Marie Osmond, Kris Jenner and Shark Tank.

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The medical science behind the AngelLift brand is pressure.  Pressure has been used on the human body for medical treatments for over a thousand years and is still evolving.  From simple blood coagulation to more complex techniques such as cornea reshaping, pressure is a powerful and useful tool that we still know very little about.  Similar to orthodontic braces and palate expanders, AngelLift Dermastrips use pressure focused on age reversing cosmetic effects. By lifting through pressure, collagen and tissue growth is stimulated.  The longer the pressure exists, the greater the cosmetic change.


AngelLift Dermastrips are an innovative facelift technology for removing lower facial lip lines, smoker lines and laugh lines through pressure. By using a known facial nerve damage technique, AngelLift created lifting strips that are able to quickly reverse the signs of aging by simply using pressure. These strips called, 'DermaStrips', are manufactured from a special surgical grade hydrogel, which is soft, flexible and hypoallergenic. These extremely durable, subdermal lifting strips are able to quickly reverse the signs of aging by pushing out and filling in wrinkles. Additionally, the strips add volume to plump the lips and smooth lip lines. They are used for only 30 minutes daily and provide substantial improvement (according to clinical studies and patient reviews). AngelLift also offers Professional and Prescriptive lifts for patients with deeper and more difficult aging lines or uneven lip contours.



AngelLift underwent third party clinical trials in 2008, 2010 and again in 2015 for QVC.  All trials proved effective in both measurable and visible lower facial lines.  Email WrinklePedia direct here to get a copy of their latest clinical trials. 



We tested only the over-the-counter version of the Dermastrips.  We did not test their Prescriptive line. In our test of 30 women, aging from 45-74, most of the women (26) reported positive results, recommended to a friend, or left positive reviews.