How Can Coffee Cause Wrinkles?

Ok, you can sell me on staying out of the sun or even keep me from lighting up in order to save my skin, but do not mess with my coffee!!

It seems those caffeine freaks (myself included), who cannot seem to function in the morning without their sip of joe, are not going to be crazy happy with the latest medical finding on lower facial lines and the relaxing art of sipping.

Oxford University recently published their findings of a two year study on the effects of coffee and the human body. The study was not focused on the affects of coffee itself, as you may have expected, but more specifically how the human face is affected by sipping on hot drinks.

Each time you take an enjoyable sip of your favorite hot beverage, coffee being only one of many, your lower facial (orbicularis) muscles tighten in order to close your lips tight around the cup. This continuous movement is similar to a orbicular workout every morning, or evening or whenever you enjoy your brew. Unfortunately, this workout causes the skin to also tighten along with our lips.

Here is the problem; Our lower face (below the nose) is already highly susceptible to wrinkles as the natural recession of our teeth and gums pull our lips back as we age LINK HERE. Oxford’s study focused on five hundred women who had coffee or any hot beverage every morning, and five hundred women who did not have hot drinks daily.

Through the use of ‘silicone patches’ the Oxford team measured all participants for a year. Although they realize and noted there are many other factors outside their control, the participants who enjoyed their hot drink every morning experienced an 82% increase in lower facial aging lines than the women who did not. Clearly, this facial movement ingrains muscle memory which creates wrinkles. What a bummer!

So, we did a bit of research on this at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery to find the best solution to this problem, for those of us not willing to forgo our morning Joe. According to their numbers, the top three procedures were all non-invasive and one can even be done at home!

☕️☕️☕️ Most Popular - AngelLift

These is a 15-30 min a day treatment, done at home, without discomfort. This recent discovery seems to be so popular, they topped the list of non surgical treatments, only beaten by Botox.

☕️☕️☕️ Most Expensive - Lip Lift

The non surgical Lip Lift, is a quick procedure that can be done over your lunch break. With a stitch or two, the upper lip is lifted or rolled outward and stitched to hold in place.

☕️☕️☕️ Quickest Results - Juvederm

Juvederm is a cosmetic filler injected into the skin above or below the lips to temporarily fill in the wrinkles and considered non-invasive.

So, clearly, there is a price to pay for our morning pleasure, drug or habit which ever you prefer to call it. However, its a price I am willing to pay, to keep from sleeping all day 😎.

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