How Mouth Wrinkles Appear / Disappear


There are multiple factors that cause wrinkles around the mouth and lips and different people get these wrinkles for different reasons. For example, a 55 year old woman might have wrinkles simply due to age, whereas a 30 year old woman might have the same wrinkles due to smoking. But first, lets break down these reasons with Dr. Phyllis Beacon, dermatologist and author. The following is a breakdown of all the reasons that cause 'lower facial lines' also know as lip wrinkles, laugh lines, smoker lines and nasolabial folds.

Reason 1: Smoking

This is simply the most obvious, but it goes much deeper than just cigarettes and the chemicals that are in them. Smoking causes severe lip and mouth wrinkles because of two underlying factors. The first is muscle memory. Each and every time a user takes a drag, they restrict the obiculi muscle which wraps around the mouth and lips. This repeated movement over time gets embedded into the muscle memory and skin surface. The second factor is the chemicals within the smoke. Many studies have shown cigarette smoke dehydrates the skin and damages the surface.


Reason 2: Dental Structure

Your dentate, or dental structure is the only thing that supports your lower face. As your dental structure moves, so does your lower face. For many, many years orthodontists would remove teeth of a patient to make room for the teeth that need to be straightened or make room for new teeth still coming in. After years of research, dentists learned this procedure created pre-mature aging as the patient began to age. The teeth that were removed decreased the amount of support for the lower face and lip, causing aging lines around the mouth and lips. Today, orthodontists use a method of 'expanding' the palate instead.


Reason 3: Natural Recession of Teeth And Gums

As early as 25, our teeth begin to naturally shift backwards. As we age, our teeth and gums naturally recede. This movement was not recognized until the late 1990's as many dentists were measuring only gum recession and not recognizing overall jaw and tooth recession as well. Today, most aesthetic dentists and surgeons recognize this natural movement as a leading cause of lower facial wrinkles, as young as age 30.


Reason 4: Sipping Hot Drinks

As crazy as this sounds, sipping hot drinks uses the same movement and muscles as smoking. The only reason these line are not quite as bad as smokers is because the smoke isn't involved. Sipping hot drinks creates deep muscle memory and weak areas within the dermas. Soon, this continual movement of the mouth forces lines to begin around the mouth and lips.


Reason 5: Straws

Although many of us women seek out straws when drinking fluids, to keep from staining our teeth, the use of such devices cause a much greater problem. Similar to 'Sipping Hot Drinks' and 'Smoking', both listed above, straws tighten and strengthen the lower facial muscles creating strong muscle memory and weak areas. These weak areas in our dermas quickly turn to unwanted lines and wrinkles.


Every facial wrinkle and line is caused by a muscle, without exception. The objective is to allow these muscles to relax as often as possible. When we repeat movements over and over again, like smiling, frowning or smoking a cigarette, the particular muscle used gets stronger and stronger. The stronger the facial muscle, the deeper the wrinkle.

Now Make them Disappear!

Solution 1 - (removing smoker lines)

The repetitive muscular motion of smoking does make it the most challenging of all the reasons lines appear on the lower face. However, there is help. A recent study was conducted on 100 women between the ages of 40 and 50 who had smoked at least 10 years consecutively. The study measured the lines on the women face above an below the lips and recorded them through the use of silicone impressions of the skin. Each of the women was given an electric cigarette to replace their normal brand. They were not asked to smoke any less or any differently.

At the end of the 30 days, all the women had measurements taken from the same area of the face using the same method silicone impressions. Upon analyzing the results, 12 of the 30 women showed improvements that were measured by the silicone impressions. Although this is less than 50%, it was a remarkable find. Keep in mind the test trial was very small only 30 people, it did show that a slight change in muscle action it's all it takes to reduce these lines. The study went on to conclude that although E cigarettes we're using the same manner and perhaps the same amount of time the slight muscle alteration it took to inhale the material was different enough from a typical cigarette to alter the muscle memory.

Quicker solutions can be achieved by using cosmetic injections ($300) or temporary lifts (Angellift) for as little as $79. Unfortunately, stopping smoking altogether will not remove the lines.

Solution 2 - (lines created from dental structure).

Dental structure, Teeth and gums, Account for the greatest contributor to our dermas shape and support. When this support structure is altered it is clearly reflected on the surface of our skin. This can be as simple as dimples or as complex as asymmetrical smiles. The good news is your dental structure can be altered much easier than most parts of your body.

For many years dentist would remove teeth prior to installing orthodontic braces to correct our teeth or our bite. Many years of research and study provided results that has altered the way orthodontists now address space in the mouth. By removing teeth for the purpose of straightening teeth or correcting a patients bite, volume is removed within the mouth. As we age the lack of this volume begins to create premature aging lines and wrinkles. If and when we lose volume from insider mouth there is no method to reduce the amount of skin that's we have above or outside the mouth. This extra skin will soon create premature aging.

Today when a patient does not enough space to re-align the teeth the dentist can use simple tools such as palate expanders to widen or LinkedIn the human pallet. This procedure allows a dentist to make additional space within the mouth for correcting and realigning teeth. By allowing the teeth that were normally removed to stay our oral structure can support the skin above much better. This additional support plays a larger role as we age by supporting her skin and reducing the appearances of premature aging.

However, if you had teeth removed when you were younger four braces or for any other dental reason you may experience premature aging around your mouth and lips. This premature aging can appear as smoker lines, Laugh lines, Deep nasolabial folds or even sagging lip corners.

Fortunately for us their are a few very effective treatments for reducing these premature aging lines. The first of these treatments are known as cosmetic injections for fillers. By use of the temporary filler a dermatologist or physician can select specific areas of the face around the mouth and Inject a material to lift the skin and reduce the appearance or depth of the lines. This procedure is very common and popular in the US and Europe but not as popular in Asia. The cost can be a major prohibitor as the injections required at least every six months with an average cost of $400 per visit. The downside to this procedure is obviously cost and miscellaneous side effects.

Another highly effective treatment for these lines is a fairly new method of pressure. This method is called AngelLift. This treatment can be done at home and consists of a flexible, reusable lifting strip. The strip is used 15 to 30 minutes today under the lip in the area known as the vestibule. The pressure created by the strip stimulates collagen and cell growth which lifts and repairs the dermis around the mouth. The method was developed my medical team while working on a removable oral implant for nerve disease known as Bell's Palsy. Similar to orthodontic braces, AngelLift uses the bodies defense system to create collagen in cell growth by the use of simple pressure. The downside to this method is time. Clinical results have shown measurable improvements in 30 days. However cosmetic injections can show improvement within one day. Comparatively, the AngelLift procedure cost less than $100, where in the injections as listed above can cost $400 per visit.

Solution 3 - (for lines created by natural recessions)