The Natural Way to Plumper Lips

We have all heard of the surgeries and injections to enhance your lips, but what about all of the natural solutions to accomplish the same thing? Not only is it much cheaper, but it is also a much simpler solution to what seems to be a common problem for women across the nation. These natural solutions are so easy, and some of the solutions come straight out of your pantry!

One of the natural ways to achieve fuller lips is by using peppermint oil. The fascinating thing about peppermint oil is that when placed on your skin it increases circulation. When circulation is increased, it causes blood to go to the surface of your skin. So, when you place a few drops of peppermint oil on your lips it causes your lips to appear to swell, giving a natural plumping effect!

Another interesting natural plumping solution is capsicum. Capsicum is a component to chili peppers which gives it it’s spicy kick. The capsicum irritates the lip in a way that causes the lips to begin to slightly swell, which naturally makes your lips appear bigger and fuller. You can purchase capsicum oil in a variety of local stores, making it easy to access.

A more common household item, cinnamon, can also be used for a little boost to your lip size. Since cinnamon is a spice, like capsicum, it causes a slight irritation to the skin on your lip, therefore increasing the size of your lips.

Any slight irritation will cause a temporary plumpness to your lips, that’s why spices are one of the most popular natural solutions to a fuller lip. However, if you want a natural solution that doesn’t involve any burning, spicy sensation, you have another option. A new product called Vermilion.

Vermilion is a simple strip that you can insert into your upper and lower lip to enhance the volume in your lips. The strips create a slight pressure from under the skin and help increase the volume and create a plumper look. It is recommended to wear the strips for 10-30 minutes a day every day, or as much time as your schedule allows. Within 30 days, you should be able to start to see a plumper, fuller look.

All of these natural methods have their own unique benefits. Ultimately, you can decide which solution will work the best for you.

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