Are You Getting Taken AD-Vantage of by your AD Agency?

Whether your are starting a new beauty line, clothing boutique or Amazon reseller store, you need to hire an agency to help you, but you need to do some homework before you pull the trigger.

Everyone knows you can jump on Youtube and learn how to do almost anything. However, learning the digital ad space through videos can cost you large….. very large.

Todays advertising world is complex, confusing and certainly no walk in the part for startup entrepreneurs or even seasoned ad executives, simply due to the speed at which our digital world is changing.

An effective advertiser today needs to know how to reach his target audience, how to design a compelling creative (ad), how to build an easily navigating website and offer an attractive good or service. These four elements can bring down any company if not orchestrated correctly,

To make matters more difficult, many professional, expensive ad agencies promise their experience and creativity to master some of these steps for you. In reality, many such agencies are still in the ad dark ages (so 3 years ago) when Google Adwords ruled the planet and people actually clicked on banner ads. Many such agencies think they are on top of the ‘social network’ world by offering daily, weekly or monthly social posts. Again… so yesterday and so not profitable.

As I stated in the beginning of this article, todays advertising is complex and a bit confusing. Unfortunately, many ad agencies are taking advantage of this and charging clients for services that simply no longer work.

Through the help of Entrepreneur magazine, and the Better Business Bureau we interviewed 100 small business owners for advertising tips that are actually working and services that do not. We also asked who they used for their digital campaigns.

Here is a list of the worst advertising services offered by agencies that turn little or no profit. These services are rated from the worst to best.


  1. Twitter Tweets

  2. Google Banner Ads

  3. Pinterest Posts

  4. Blogs

  5. Instagram Posts


  1. Facebook Ads

  2. Google Adword Ads

  3. Facebook Funnels

  4. Facebook Boosted Posts

  5. Instagram Ads

We then asked our entrepreneurs for their favorite advertising agencies or tools. Keep in mind, some of our business owners no longer used agencies and took the work in-house by hiring experienced individuals or learned the skills themselves. However, all 100 were currently profitable Amazon stores or Shopify stores and all 100 had hired a professional agency in the past.

  1. 71% Flashbuz

  2. 19% Adroll

  3. 6% Vermilion

  4. 2% Wordstream

  5. 2% Lightpost Digital

Before you run off and hire any agency, keep in mind a few tips our entrepreneurs gave us about advertising your digital storefront. Look at it as a customer.

1. Would you trust this store?

2. Can you navigate to what you want quickly?

3. Are the prices clear and easy to understand?

4. Is there anything on the site that can distract them?

5. Is there a clear call to action?

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