Save Your Lips From the Winter Weather

As the winter months are approaching, you might find that your lips are beginning to lose their regular fullness and softness that they maintain in the warmer months. They can become chapped, dry, and begin to lose their normal shape. But not to worry, because there are many remedies to help your lips.

One of the most important aspects in conquering the winter months is to stay hydrated. When you are dehydrated you cannot only feel it in your body, but also in your lips. Drinking water can only benefit your lips by keeping them hydrated, along with the rest of your body!

There are other ways to keep your lips moisturized when they begin to get chapped if you don’t want to be running to the bathroom every 5 minutes after every glass of water. Natural lip balms are a good way to fight off dryness especially when they have key moisturizing ingredients. Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, A, and D are some of the ingredients to look for when searching for a natural lip balm that will help keep your lips smooth throughout the season.

Exfoliating is also a beneficial way to remove the dry skin off of your lips. There are tons of products on the market with the ingredients that are listed above. Exfoliants help moisturize and smooth at the same time making it an even faster remedy for your lips.

After your lips are smooth and moisturized, you have one more aspect to focus on, which is the fullness of your lips. Using lip plumpers on top of all of the other products you are using can feel and look like a lot.

So to avoid putting more product on your lips you can use a new product called Vermilion to help enhance the plumpness in your lips without being invasive at all. They are strips that you can place in your upper and lower lips to plump up your lips. The strips help replace the pressure that you lose as your gums naturally recede. The skin under your lip reacts quickly to lift out beneath the surface, increasing the lip roll for fuller lips. It is a natural and easy way to maintain your full lips, and it also comes with an exfoliating lip gloss as well.

Even though this season can make your lips chapped, dry, and thinner than usual, there are many different remedies. Don’t let the weather win, and try these products to make sure that your lips are being stared at for the right reasons.

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