What's Your Nightly Lip Routine?

If you notice your lips are lacking the fullness and smoothness that you have always wanted, have you considered a more routine regimen for your lips? Dedicating a portion of your nightly routine to taking care of your lips, may have a greater impact than you think. There are products you can buy or remedies you can make at home, either way it’s an easy fix to a long lived problem.

If you struggle with chapped lips and apply your chapstick like it is a part time job, maybe it’s time to consider trying a lip oil. Lip oils are unlike balms because they soothe your lips due to all of the moisturizing ingredients they contain, leaving your lips smooth. Not only do they hydrate your lips, but when you put the oil on your lips it leaves them looking glossy. You can add lip oil to your morning routine too!

Another trendy product to add your routine is a lip scrub. Lip scrubs are essential to exfoliating your lips and leaving them soft and smooth. They also hydrate your lips depending on the ingredients in your lip scrub. The fun part about lip scrubs is that you can make them at home with the products you already have in your house! Most lip scrubs involve some type of sugar mixed with the juice of a fruit or other moisturizing ingredient. An example of one of the at home remedies you can try is a mixture of brown sugar, white sugar, and then add honey and olive oil if you want more moisture for your lips. However, if making a lip scrub at home isn’t for you, there are plenty to buy at your local drugstore or beauty store. Either way is simple, and will leave your lips super smooth!

Besides topical agents, there is a new product on the market that you can also try. The new product is Vermilion, which are strips that you simply place under your upper or lower lift to help enhance the fullness in your lips. So, while you’re applying your lip oils and scrubs, you can naturally plump your lips at the same time! Vermilion Strips help replace the pressure lost as you age and adds volume from under the skin in a natural and painless way. The skin under your lip reacts quickly to lift out beneath the surface, increasing the lip roll for fuller lips. You can watch Vermilion on Celebrity Page TV during the Hollywood Beauty segment this Friday!

Say goodbye to flaky, thin lips because your nightly routine will never be the same! Using oils, scrubs, and a good lip lifter at night is just about all you need to have the lips you’ve always wanted.

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