How To Make Your Lips Matte Lipstick Ready

Making sure your lipstick goes on seamlessly can be harder than it looks when you only have five minutes before you have to leave your house. Keeping your lipstick on all day, and having your lips appear smooth and pretty can be a difficult task. There are ways to make it a much easier application process, you just need to prepare your lips!

The first step in preparing your lips is exfoliation. It is the most important step because it removes all of the flaky, dry skin. The exfoliator helps your lips become smoother and gives your lips a more even surface to apply your lipstick on to. Applying your lipstick to a smooth surface is essential to creating the perfect lip application.

The next step in your lip preparation is to hydrate your lips. You can apply a lip balm or another moisturizing agent to help fill in the dry cracks in your lips. Having smooth lips makes applying your lipstick so much easier! Moisturizing evens out your lips making lipstick application much more effortless.

After moisturizing your lips, keep doing the rest of your makeup routine. It is important to let the moisturizer absorb into your lips so that your lipstick appears matte once you apply it. If you apply your lipstick before the moisturizer or balm has absorbed, the lipstick will not go on the same.

As you’re applying your makeup you can still be proactive with making your lips look the best! You can use Vermilion, which is a new product that is painless and non-invasive. Vermilion is a strip that you place under either your upper or lower lip, that helps enhance your lips. Vermilion works because the skin under your lip reacts quickly to lift out beneath the surface, increasing the lip roll for fuller lips. So, as you’re applying the rest of your makeup, you can slip the strip underneath your lip to help plump them up before you apply your lipstick!

Once you’re ready to apply your lipstick, you will start with applying a lip liner. Lip liners are a great way to make sure that your lips have a defined shape. Lip liners help guide you when you begin to put your lipstick on. You must stay inside the lines that you have drawn on when you apply your lipstick, and then simply fill them in. Choose a lip liner that is similar to the lipstick shade that you plan on wearing so that they work cohesively together.

Now it’s time to apply the matte lipstick! Try your best to stay inside the lip liner and apply it as smoothly as possible. After you apply, grab a piece of toilet paper or paper towel and blot your lips to get off any excess color. Now you’re all good to go!

Preparing your lips is the best thing to do before applying matte lipstick! It will prevent showing any imperfections that your lips may have and leave them soft and smooth. Application will be easy and your lips will look pretty and plump!

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