New Year, New Lips!

With 2018 approaching, we all have some New Year’s resolutions in mind, but they might not involve one of the most noticeable parts of your face; your lips! It’s important to focus on all aspects of yourself, not just on going to the gym for the first month of the year. Focus on the areas that you don’t usually pay much attention to. There are a lot of cool ways that you can spice up your lips in the new year. There are always new lip trends and tricks to try, but which ones will conquer 2018?

One of these lip trends to focus on is your cupid’s bow. Your cupid’s bow is located in the area right above your upper lip. When wearing lipstick it is important to put a little bit of highlighter on your cupid’s bow to make your lips stand out more. Putting emphasis on your cupid’s bow helps outline your upper lip, adding a bit of shadow, making your lips appear fuller. You can add a highlighter or shimmer to your cupid’s bow, and it can simply be whatever you use on the rest of your face.

Although matte lipstick has been the ongoing trend for years now, there are so many varieties of lipsticks to try out. One of the looks you can try might not require you to get a new lipstick, but to wear it differently than you have been wearing it. Instead of doing your sharply lined matte lipstick, try a lighter and softer color that doesn’t require absolute precision to put it on. Leave the lipstick a little soft around the edges so that it looks more worn, giving it a natural and faded look to it.

Besides makeup tricks and trends, you also want to keep up on your lip maintenance, making sure your lips look nice and plump going into the new year. We’ve all tried plumpers to make our lips look bigger, but have you heard of Vermilion? Vermilion Strips are a new way to enhance the lips you already have. Vermilion Strips help replace the pressure lost as we age and adds volume from under the skin in a natural and painless way. The skin under your lip reacts quickly to lift out beneath the surface, increasing the lip roll for fuller lips. You can simply place a strip either under your upper or lower lip for 10 to 30 minutes a day, and you can still go about your daily or nightly routine.

Go into the new year with a new plump and pretty pout. There are so many cool trends that you can try to make your lips look the best they can! Treat your smile this year and make it the best yet!

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