Recovering From The Holidays With Beauty

After all of the holiday craziness and all of the New Year’s festivities, everyone’s a little tired and lacking the natural beauty they usually possess. It can be very tiring talking to your crazy uncle for hours on end, and then going out and binge drinking on New Year’s Eve. Recovering from all of the partying with your friends and family can be hard to do, but with a few simple ideas to add to your routine you’ll be back to yourself in no time at all!

To start off, it is essential to make sure that you are getting enough sleep every single night. You want to strive for a full 7-8 hours a night so that you not only feel well-rested and full of energy, but that you also look that way too!

The next step is to make sure you’re not eating junk foods that are filled with fats and oils. Try to eat fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables to make up for the carbohydrate overload you experienced over the holiday season. Try to go for the greenest leafs and vegetables you can find!

One of the most important things to remember to do, is to stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water is the best thing you can do for your body! It helps with so many aspects of life, like keeping you healthy and feeling energized throughout the day. It also flushes out all of the toxins that you put in your body after all of the crazy festivities!

Then, of course, your beauty routine can always use a little upkeep now and again. Using face serums and oils can be extremely essential to leaving your face refreshed and glowing after, and even before, a long day. One company that has become popular recently for their great products and low prices is The Ordinary. The Ordinary has many different serums such as vitamin C and other hydrators that help rejuvenate your skin. Using serums like this in the morning and at night will keep your skin looking nice and glowing.

Another item to add to your new and improved routine is a product called Vermilion Strips. Vermilion Strips are a subdermal technology discovery that offer a non-invasive way to increase the fullness of lips the natural way. You can place the strips either under your upper or lower lip for 10-30 minutes a day. Vermilion Strips work under the skin under your lip reacts quickly to lift out beneath the surface, increasing the lip roll for fuller lips. Start your year off with not only the best looking skin, but also the best looking lips!

A new year always brings new challenges, but your skin doesn’t have to be one of them. Maintain a routine composed of all of these things and you will be set to go in 2018!

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