Does Size Really Matter?

How many times have we heard that question. More importantly, what is the most common answer?

Lips are considered by many to be the sexiest part of a woman’s face. However, how important is size? We have all seen countless products, procedures, injections and goofy gimmicks to increase lip size, but does it really matter? More importantly, who does it matter to?

We decided to launch a year long investigation of this topic, inspired by the latest online celebrity lip competition where they judged the biggest lips. Our staff employed four investigators and sent them out to 8 different universities, 16 different shopping malls and over 50 locations to talk to men and women about what that thought was sexy about women’s lips and how important it was to them or their partner.

Survey Says

We began our focus on women 18-22, primarily college students, then worked our way up to 25-30 and finally launched a social media survey for women over 30, trying to get a full understanding of this issue.

What we learned from everyone was more interesting than we had ever dreamed. From the products women use to the thoughts of men on the subject, putting them on a statistical sheet to make it all black and white data just seems too clinical for what we learned.

Beginning with college girls, (18-22) lips weighed heavily on their mind. With 500 girls served, 422 thought larger lips made a girl appear more attractive (84%). Of the same amount of boys, 465 thought the same way (93%).

As we moved up to women 25-30, the numbers began to change slightly. Of the 500 women surveyed, 402 felt that fuller lips added to their overall appearance (80%). However, men of the same age had a very similar thought process as the college men with 458 feeling lips added to the appearance (91%).

At the top of our age group, women over 30, the numbers began to drop. Of 500 online interviews, 360 still felt that fuller lips made a greater impact on their appearance (72%). Men of the same demographic continually held high at 439 of 500 fining themselves more attracted to women with fuller lips (88%).


Of the women surveyed, we asked them for their favorite lip products. Which did they love, use and rely on everyday. Of the 1500 women in our surveys, the following lists sum up the most popular products used to help us women get the most of our lips as our survey clearly demonstrated ,size does matter! :)

To our surprise, the leading lip enhancement device used was Vermilion, a small removable strip, like teeth whitening strips, that push your lips out. Berts and Fenty are both well known an available at Sephora. We did a little investigation at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeon and did see that lip injections were not as popular as we had assumed. It would appear that women today seek out the safer more natural approaches to lip enhancement as well as every day moisture.

Lip Enhancement

Vermilion 68%

Lip Lift 21/%

Lip Injection 11%

Lip Moisturizer

Berts 42%

Carmex 32%

Chapstick 26%


Fenty 51%

Bare Minerals 29?%

Revlon 20%

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