The Many Powers of Manuka Honey for Your Skin

More than ever, women are looking for better skincare products and by better we mean cleaner, more natural and effective products. If you could get the same or better results from an all natural product as a chemically produced one, you’d pick the natural one right? We know we would, which is why we’re so excited to talk about this sweet and yummy ingredient that is now a beloved part of our skin regimen. Honey! In case you haven’t heard honey is in but not just any honey, a specific type called Manuka honey.

While all types of raw honey offer skincare benefits, Manuka takes the cake. First off when considering a honey for skincare, it’s important that is “raw” honey. Raw as opposed to regular honey is unprocessed and retains all the healthy, beneficial nutrients you’re looking for.

So what is this particular type of honey you ask? Manuka honey is made from bees that pollinate the “Manuka shrub” of New Zealand’s North Island. It boasts natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing benefits. It naturally contains hydrogen peroxide and methyglyoxal, two major antibacterial agents that aid in treating scarring, eczema and acne. With anti-inflammatory benefits drawing out and killing bacteria you can expect to soothe any sore or inflamed blemishes and reduce redness. It also helps neutralize the pH levels in your skin to help reduce acne and balance your overall tone. These benefits combined add up to happier, and younger looking skin. All of this sounds amazing but you might be wondering how to get these great benefits.

Incorporating this new power ingredient into your skin routine is simple. It’s recommended to use at least 3 times a week consistently. To get started apply a thin layer to your which should be slightly damp. The water will activate the hydrogen peroxide so this a very important detail. Whether you prefer to use in the AM or PM is up to you. For masking, just leave it on for 20-30 minutes and voila, you’ll be glowing in no time! Now, chances are you don’t have raw manuka honey sitting in your pantry but getting your hands on some is as simple as adding it to your weekly grocery list. You can find it at any grocery store these days, or online.

Consistently using Manuka honey in your skincare routine will show you amazing results, again the key is consistency. This one ingredient will heal acne, prevent future breakouts, moisturize, hydrate, exfoliate, soften and brighten your skin tone. How many products on your bathroom counter can compete with that, especially natural products. So if you truly want a natural, healthier option for beautiful skin, you should be running, not walking, to your closest grocery store.

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