Facing the Cooler Months is Easier with These Face Mask Favorites

With the fall and winter approaching, preparing our skin for the cold is essential. Dry, chapped skin isn’t the look we’re aiming for this holiday season so we’re here to get you ready! Our favorite way to give our skin a little extra love is face masks. Not only do they heal and hydrate our skin but they give us that spa-at-home feeling that makes staying in much more luxurious. I’m sharing my favorite face masks I’ll be using on repeat this season.

The first mask we’re going to share with you is the “Mask of Magnaminty” by one of our favorites Lush. We can never give enough love to Lush for taking a stand against animal testing, and keeping things 100% vegetarian and handmade. I’ve been a Lush follower since the beginning so I wasn’t shocked that my first experience using this mask was amazing. When applying it is very thick but feels and smells very refreshing. The peppermint inside the mask is not overpowering but does give you that tingly feeling so you know good things are happening. Although the mask is an exfoliant, it’s not overly abrasive or harsh on the skin. The vegetarian ingredients include Aduki beans to gently exfoliate, vanilla to calm redness and honey to soothe, moisturize and cleanse. This mask really does it all so it’s definitely one I always stock up on and I recommend you do the same. While the “Mask of Magnaminty” will keep your skin cool and refreshed, our next favorite will perk you up.

We’re doing a double feature from Lush today to prove we really do love them and always want to share the good stuff. So in preparation for the cooler months, we’ll all be needing a strong cup of coffee to get us through those chilly mornings but we’ll also need a little more caffeine for our face. Lush’s “Cup O’ Coffee” mask is just want your skin needs to battle dull, tired looking skin. If you love the smell of a fresh cup of coffee, this one’s for you! Ground coffee helps exfoliate and buff away any dryness, and Kaolin clay helps cleanse impurities so you’re left with the softest, cleanest skin. You can also use this mask all over so you’re really getting a great two for one product. Our next mask is a crowd favorite from Amazon.

If you haven’t heard of this mask from someone you know I’d be shocked. The Indian Healing Clay from Aztec Secret has over 14,000 reviews on Amazon and 70% of those are praising the magic clay for it’s deep cleansing powers, and so am I. This product consists of one singular ingredient “Natural calcium bentonite clay” so this mask is as clean as you can get, all you have to do is add water and/or apple cider vinegar. I have sensitive skin so I leave the mask on for no more than 10 minutes as the company recommends and mix equal parts water and apple cider vinegar. It really cleans out everything and leaves my skin feeling reset. This is a once a week treatment that I apply year round and can’t recommend it enough.

This next one is described as a cult-favorite so of course we love it here at Wrinklepedia too. If you’re not familiar with Fresh, I’m here to introduce you to their Rose Face Mask. It’s great for any skin type and addresses dryness, redness and cleanses your pores. Not only is this mask infused with real rose petals to give you a healthy glow, but uses “smart” algae (porphyridium cruentum) to target and moisturize dry spots, cucumber and aloe extracts to calm and soothe and green tea to brighten and protect your skin. It’s gentle to use every day if you need and it smells so pretty and fresh you’ll love using it every time.

With so many face mask options out there it can be tough to pick and choose but trust me, you can’t go wrong with any of these options. Your skin will stay looking healthy and refreshed all winter long no matter how harsh the cold gets where you are.

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