A More Natural Approach to Beauty

We are increasingly becoming more aware of what we eat, how we take care of our bodies and what we put on it. There have been recent trends in eating healthier and exercising better. The shifts in these industries have shown that a growing number of people care about how they treat themselves. One of the new ways people are showing a growing awareness of how to treat their bodies is through beauty products.

Let’s take a moment to picture yourself walking into your favorite beauty store to look for a new beauty product. 10 or even 15 years ago, the only worry you may have had was the quality of the brands you were choosing from. That may not have even been a worry if you knew the reputation of each brand in a stores small selection. If you were actively trying to make a choice on a particular beauty product you would have to pick from a larger selection that may have brought up bigger concerns. One of those concerns would be how this product may actually be affecting you. Were all of the ingredients used actually helping you or hurting you?

There are now more people participating in a larger conversation on the importance of natural beauty products. In particular, products that specialize in anti-aging or that are free of chemicals and other potentially harmful ingredients. Many common beauty products have been found to contain non essential chemicals such as parabens, synthetic colors, and phthalates. We are becoming more aware of the ingredients that we may not want in our bodies. Harmful chemicals being one thing that many are realizing they do not want anywhere near them.

If you’ve recently stepped into any store that contains beauty products, you may have noticed a change. Many mainstream stores are broadening their shelves to include more natural product lines. Sephora now has its “Clean at Sephora” initiative. Target has increased its selections of natural beauty products. The shift has also caused large brands to become more transparent in their product ingredients feeling the urge to do so after other (bigger and more lucrative) brands have been making the push for more natural solutions for the beauty industry.

While the norm for natural products has typically been a leafy design with claims on their packaging that range from “vegan” or “clean”. Many brands have also begun to market their products as “organic” or “natural”. There may be brands that are reaching to fit into a growing industry for natural beauty products while there are some that have founded their products with a solution to this need. AngelLift is one of those brands.

AngelLift was founded as a natural solution to erase wrinkles around the mouth to lift out lower facial lines and wrinkles - the natural way. The AngelLift dermastripes replace the pressure lost through age and add volume under the skin in a natural and painless way. The moisturizing product, Dermasome is an oil free and preservative free, all natural, all over facial moisturizing serum used to hydrate the skin and lift-out lines created from dry and/or oily skin. AngelLift is one company that has been completely transparent with the ingredients used in its product. They even include their full ingredients list on their FAQ page. In addition, they have proudly announced that their products contain absolutely no animal by-products and are animal testing free.

When looking for a company that is natural, chemical free, vegan, free of animal testing and preservative free, look for what companies such as Angellift have done. Be completely transparent in what the products can do for their customers and are completely transparent in what their products contain.