Amazon Pharmacy; Are they hiding cures just to sell treatments?

Amazon’s blue delivery vans have quickly become ubiquitous around the nation, delivering everything to people’s doors, from essential daily items to live insects.

Now, the world’s largest online retailer run by the world’s richest man is getting even further into the U.S. healthcare and anti-aging market by offering to send prescription drugs and treatments to its customers’ doors.

“We designed Amazon Pharmacy to put customers first — bringing Amazon’s customer obsession to an industry that can be inconvenient and confusing,” TJ Parker, vice president of Amazon Pharmacy, said in a statement.

But how much control are we losing when Amazon picks and chooses which products are available? Critics of Amazon are quick to point out that many quick and easy 'cosmetic fixes’ Are buried within Amazon’s algorithms in order to get consumers to buy continual treatments that never ‘fix’ the problem.

One of many examples is a facial implant company which made headline news with their product that permanently removes lower facial aging lines without chemicals, injections or surgery of any type. Shortly after being medically published they appeared on Shark Tank and broke an all time audience record. Oddly enough, when you search the product name on Amazon (Angellift) many other products appear, none of which have any affiliation with Angellift. You will need to do some serious scrolling to find the award winning product.

AngelLift Dermastrip

When WrinklePedia asked marketing director Steven Stihls about this at Angellift®, he response was straight forward. “Amazon is in the business of repeat sales. Our customers do not need to repurchase as our product is used to remove lines then put away for future use. Its reusable and reversible. No need to repurchase”. This is not a good model for Amazon.

It would appear that Amazon wants you to see all the alternatives to Angellift first. None of these alternatives have ever been medically published as a ‘fix’ or ‘cure’. They are mostly repeat purchase items that do little more than make you feel better says Stihls.

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