Why Do I Look Younger When Wearing A Mask?

Ok, we have received this question so many times, we had to put our team on it. The reasons are interesting, the solutions are easy.




2020 brought us the 'mask'. I know we have all seen them before, but we never had so many shoved in our glove boxes, purses or cup holders. Wearing a mask everywhere we go and seeing ourselves in mirrors and even pictures wearing these awful things have stirred up a popular and interesting question.

The answer is simple and actually interesting, especially when you know their solutions.

With help from the University of Arizona and the National Association of Cosmetic Surgeons, WrinklePedia learned why we focus so much on others mouths. When wearing a mask, our eyes and mind are blocked from this very important data source.


According to the National Association of Cosmetic Surgeons, our oral region (mouth) ages nearly twice as fast as our ocular region (eyes) due to muscle size. Don't fear though, simple solution ahead.


Without much conscious effort, we often focus on the mouth when meeting and conversing. In fact, without a visual of a speaker's mouth, we lose nearly half of the data we need to understand the speaker. The mouth is a key indicator to our messages, feelings, emotions... and yes, even age.


As we age, our teeth and gums naturally recess, creating lines around the lips and the lip corners begin to move downward as our lips begin to roll under. This is expedited if you have had teeth extracted at a young age. This is why dentists rarely extract teeth anymore for braces. We have learned that we need the teeth in place to support our lips and cheek areas.

This process can begin as early as 30. Most lines below the nose are associated with this aging process. Whether they are lip lines, laugh lines, frown lines and even smoker lines, they all are caused by this natural movement.


Our medical advisors and staff found three tested and accredited approaches to renewing the lower face (mouth area) to continue a younger look, long after the mask comes off.

Lifting - (Learn More) A recent medical discovery by a facial implant company proved lifting from within the mouth only a few minutes a day prevents and stops the natural aging movement.

Pros- Inexpensive, highly effective

Cons - You must remember to use it each week

Filling - (Learn More) There are more than 25 FDA approved lower facial fillers used by doctors and dentists to temporarily address lip lines and wrinkles.

Pros - Instant results

Cons - Painful, temporary

Sewing - (Learn More) A recent procedure known as a 'Lip Lift' has shown promising results in both men and women. The procedure usings out patient surgery to stitch the upper lip dermas, tightening and lifting.

Pros - Highly effective

Cons - Expensive

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